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Roof soft washing service

Don't neglect your roof! Your roof takes on a lot. It protects you from the rays of the sun, and keeps you dry even in the endless weeks of rain in Vancouver. But all that rainy weather causes organic growth! Moss, green algae, lichen and mildew, all organic growth, can start eating away at your building materials. That's why it's important to wash your roof every few years to make sure that your roof is in top notch shape. The last thing you want is to replace your entire roof worth several thousands of dollars! At Prestigious Pressure, we know that roofs are delicate, and that is why we soft wash your roof. What we do is we apply a roof cleaning soap that kills the bacteria on your roof, and prevents it from growing back. By doing so, the organic growth is safely removed from your roof, without damaging roof tiles/shingles and without getting water inside your roof structure!

Why is it important to get moss removal for my roof?

It's very important to remove the moss from your roof because moss can be destructive to the roof shingles or tiles by growing deep inside the fibres and causing breakage. This can result in future leaks resulting in expensive roof repairs. It also simply looks much nicer to have a roof free of any green and unsightly moss. For any moss removal inquiries, contact Prestigious Pressure today by calling us at 604.729.4861. All quotes are free.

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