Parking & Parkade Pressure Washing Cleaning

Parkade Cleaning

Cars carry a lot of dirt from the roads, and when it rains and snows, all the water pools and melts down once a car is parked in a parkade parking lot. That means that parking lots can get very dirty and filthy if they are not maintained properly at least once a year!

Trust our experienced team to tackle all your parkade and parking lot cleaning needs! We ensure that every parkade gets a thorough and deep clean to eliminate dirt, grime and oil stains from the parkade floor. We ensure to always follow safety precautions when cleaning in an underground parkade, to ensure that your property, vehicles and its inhabitants are safe during the cleaning. We promise that we will do a great job and make it worth it. Parkade cleaning includes industrial parkades, strata parkades and commercial parkades.

For any parkade pressure washing inquiries, contact Prestigious Pressure today by calling us at 604.729.4861. All quotes are free.

Why is it important to pressure wash your parkade?

Pressure washing your parkade ensures that any oil stains that come from a leaky vehicle does not stain the parkade floor. The sooner you pressure wash your parkade, the more likely it is that the oil stain will come off. Don't hesitate, pressure wash your parkade immediately as any oil stain left unnattended can end up looking unsightly if left more months or years without cleaning. Our professional pressure washers will ensure to use the best parkade pressure washing equipment around to make sure your parkade is as clean as it can possibly be! Our number one priority is customer service - so don't hesitate to call Prestigious today!


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